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About us

Our highly skilled team of experts have decades of experience and delivers a wide range of primary care services.  Including but not limited to preventive care, wellness checkups, immunizations, and treatment of common illnesses and injuries.

   We're situated in the heart of Kentwood and work closely with other hospitals in the district to ensure we're providing the best possible service to the community.

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photo of medical clinic interior
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Our team

Our fun team of highly-skilled professionals.

Khadija Usman
Primary Care Physician

Khadija worked in emergency medicine for 10 years before becoming a primary care physician. She participates in every aspect of the practice and ensures synchronicity across the team.

Herman O'Connor
Primary Care Physician

Herman completed his family practice residency at Lakeview Regional and hasn't looked back since. He has a career spanning 40 years and is passionate about providing quality care to the patients of Newcrest.

Lara Chambers
Physician Assistant

Lara became certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants in 2016 and joined us that same year. She's passionate about family medicine and often teaches medical students.

Jacob Hernandez
Nurse Practitioner

Jacob is a highly skilled and compassionate nurse with over a decade of experience. He frequently carries out home visits along with our doctors and specializes in wound management.

Kathy Jones
Practice manager

Kathy is responsible for the day-to-day running of the clinic and making sure that the care every patient receives is efficient, safe and effective.

Lorna Buckley

Lorna is a highly trained physiotherapist of 20 years and loved helping patients using personalized exercise plans. She is currently researching ways to improve patient recovery after invasive surgery.

Theo Lester

Theo works alongside Lakeview Regional to provide mental health support to the patients at Newcrest. He's passionate about the service he provides and specialises in ADHD, OCD and anxiety disorders.

Maja Henderson
Clinical Nurse Specialist

Maja has been with the team since 2019. She specializes in pediatrics and neonatal care and works closely with our primary care physicians.

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Primary Care

Your trusted partner in managing your health, providing comprehensive care for you and your family.

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